SME & Womens' Entrepreneurship

For an inclusive economic growth that benefit poor women and men, the growth of micro- small and medium (MSMEs) size enterprises is key. MSMEs represents a majority of all businesses and are critical for employment creation, entrepreneurship and innovation.  

Our approach to analyse the different levels of the market system and by integrating a gender perspective, enables us to identify and find solutions of market system constraints relevant for the poor. Markets are in continuous flux and people do better when they are empowered to cope with constant market change, owning their future. Very often, this starts by providing information and technical advice to MSME and their networks seeking to boost their business, to make choices and negotiate better. Also, our technical advice can involve e.g. business planning, financial management and general support to development of entrepreneurial and technical skills. In supporting business development services, the focus is not only on capacity building of private service providers in their specific fields, but also in improving governance and advocacy competencies. In our assignments and projects, we support Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) through equal access to and control over critical economic resources and opportunities, and the elimination of structural gender inequalities in the labour market.