Science, Technology & Innovation

Investment in science, technology and innovation (STI) is vital to accelerate economic
development and social progress. All countries increasingly recognise the value of science, technology and innovation as drivers of change in agriculture, land administration, education, ICT, health, energy and environment, water, transport and other sectors.

NIRAS uses STI as a platform to address development issues and achieve wider impacts: reducing poverty, building institutional and human resource capacity, promoting socially inclusive economic growth, and advancing regional, cross border cooperation. Our approach focuses on understanding the different actors involved in a given sector, identifying needs and potential before developing –transferring knowledge towards commercialization and best practice utilisation.  Our approach focuses on building public and private sector capacity to invest in human and financial capital that would unleash the innovation potential of science and technology. 

  • Our services include the following: 
  • Strengthening national innovation system through policy analysis and development and preparation of national innovation strategy; 
  • Bringing innovations to the marketplace including support to incubators; 
  • Market studies; 
  • Harnessing public and private partnerships; 
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing networks and innovation linkages; and 
  • Human resource and institutional development.