Investment Climate & PPPs

An investment climate where entrepreneurs of all sizes and types, including female entrepreneurs, have the potential of contributing to growth and poverty reduction. NIRAS works to support a climate that provides incentives for and promotes productive investments and contributes to job creation.

We work both with the private sector as well as governments to improve the business environment.  Private sector firms can more easily prosper in a regulatory environment that creates a level playing field for businesses, including better access and understanding of information, while providing strong investor and property protections. Coordination and in-depth understanding of a sector specific context is key during business regulation reform to develop a clear and stable framework for firm to operate while looking after the interest of citizens and public health and safety. NIRAS continues to work towards those goals globally. Apart from policy level and regulatory technical advice, facilitating better investment climate involves identifying key business constraints that are sector specific and advocacy and Private Public Partnership (PPP) interventions are a tool or mechanism used successfully by us facilitate an enabling business environment.

NIRAS has provided technical assistance and guidance for private public partnership (PPP) and policy formulation for an enabling business environment through a number of projects and programmes. The work involves identifying the key business constraints in terms of policies and regulations and provides solutions for advocacy and PPP interventions to promote an enabling business environment. This work is done by enhancing the facilitating and supporting roles of Governments.