Access to Finance

Functioning financial systems are crucial for economic growth and innovation. Poor people are often exluded from accessing financial services. At NIRAS Indevelop we recognise that financial system development that also includes participation of marginalised groups are key for economic growth and innovation.

Finance and credit programs are support functions that offer vital resources as catalysts for market and private sector development. Individuals and their organisations need funds to invest in technology, develop their capacity and access services to develop their enterprises. Very small loans to individuals making a living in the informal sector of the economy, who typically lack collateral nor credit history, can be designed not only to support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty, but also in many cases can be aimed at empower women economically and have a wider positive economic impact for entire communities. Also, a credit component or a system of guarantees can mitigate risk to facilitate investment for individuals and their organisations through the local financial system. In addition to the above, NIRAS provides technical assistance in capacity building of the financial sector, in order for this sector to provide relevant and efficient services/products to agricultural business clients.