Climate change

Climate change is global, but the impacts are often local. NIRAS works with stakeholders at all levels to design and implement effective adaptation strategies in some of the world’s most vulnerable places.

We have extensive experience supporting both public and private institutions who are working with climate change adaptation in fields ranging from water supply, natural resources management, forestry, agriculture and food security to coastal zone protection, infrastructure development and urban flood management.

We are also deeply involved in the development of sectoral and cross-sectoral policies, strategies and plans for climate change adaptation, with experience from municipality/ city level to regional and national level.

Our work with Disaster Risk Management focusses on reducing the risks of extreme weather on people, infrastructure, livelihoods and the environment through effective and innovative preventive measures. We are strongly involved in climate change mitigation through our work with renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We prepare mitigation plans and calculate carbon footprints at both regional and entity levels to ensure that planning focuses on the sectors in which mitigation efforts have the greatest potential.

We also specialize in carbon trading and REDD+, providing assistance throughout the project cycle from project identification and development to capacity building and training.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Disaster risk management 
  • Adaptation in the water, agricultural and forestry sectors 
  • Climate resilient infrastructure development  
  • Coastal zone protection 
  • Urban storm-water management 
  • Climate change strategies, policies and plans  Training and capacity building 
  • Climate change mitigation