Human rights & Democracy

Our general approach to working for democratic solutions is based on national ownership and existing local conditions and systems that have the potential of gaining trust and legitimacy among the whole population.  We provide support to methods and dialogue, indicators for process and results, clear results-based management and an increased focus on reporting experiences and lessons learned.

Democracy is a broad area dealing with institutions and procedures of democracy. A properly functioning public administration and legal system are central to building and sustaining a democratic society. Democracy includes rule of law, parliament and elected assemblies at a local level, electoral procedures and political party systems.

We focus specifically on the following aspects of democracy and democratic development:

  • The implications of the social contract and accountability relations
  • Mechanisms to promote transparency and accountability
  • Human rights and gender equality in equal access to justice 

In addition to in-house competences we cooperate with other leading Nordic and international universities, organizations and consultancy companies specialized in specific aspects of democracy and state institutions.

We also carry out studies and evaluations on corruption and anti-corruption efforts, decentralization reforms, equal access to justice and gender mainstreaming in public administration.

We carry out training programs focusing on aspects of the social contract and the relationship between the state (duty bearers) and the individual (rights holders) as well as the role of civil society organizations in a vital democracy.