Governance & Decentralisation

Decentralisation and local governance aim at bringing political decisions closer to those (citizens)
affected by them, increase access to public services and strengthen accountability in the use of public resources. In decentralisation processes the transfer of public decision-making, competences and resources requires often a holistic approach that addresses capacity development gaps of public authorities at both central and local level.

We design and implement comprehensive capacity building interventions for local governments and innovative concepts to promote dialogue and citizen and private sector participation in the implementation of governments’ decentralisation policies. We support the development of concepts and tools to improve public service delivery, planning and monitoring of decentralization strategies and activities.  

We offer management advisory services that are accompanied by specific technical support in the sectors we operate. We support capacity development interventions in a wide range of disciplines, such as water supply and sanitation, land management, local/regional economic development, and disaster risk management.

We provide the following type of serivces:

  • Institutional and organisational development
  • Democratisation and strengthening of civil society
  • Decentralisation and local government development
  • E-governance and Management Information Systems
  • Institutional development in fragile states and post-conflict areas