Governance & Rights

Prospects for poverty reduction rely on equitable access to inclusive and accountable public services and resources, such as health, basic education, and water.  We  support the provision of responsive and inclusive public resources management amongst development partners, at central and local levels - often in partnership with civil society - across all sectors. Operating in the context of partner country sector reform strategies, our services range from supporting the supply side- duty bearers; shaping the institutional framework, legal and policy reform, developing public administrations’ management capacities to implement these policy reforms and citizen oriented service delivery at central and local levels. Equally, we serve to empower the demand side, citizens- right holders - often vulnerable groups - and civil society organisations in public participation raising of public awareness, developing basic CSO functions to promote equitable socio-economic development.  A functioning public service delivery system relies on institutional as well as individual incentive systems.

We work with defining incentive structures for public sector reform in our client organisations,  through a carefully tailored change management approach that can transform incentive systems, leadership, knowledge, accountability systems, value systems, and other elements of change.  We design our support based on an in-depth understanding of the specific situations in each country, whilst offering multidisciplinary teams that combine (change) management with technical expertise in the respective sectors.