Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (PMEL)

NIRAS Indevelop has extensive experience from supporting organisations to develop their planning, monitoring and evaluation capacities that contributes to organisational learning and reflection. We have worked to support donor agencies, civil society actors, public sector agencies, private sector actors, multilateral organisations, international finance institutions and development banks to develop systems for planning, monitoring and evaluation that responds to their specific demands and challenges. 

We work with a variety of different methods and approaches that develop capacities, increase aid-effectiveness and results orientation. 

We have strong in-house experts in the area of PME and we work with leading experts and institutions in the areas of aid effectiveness, results-based management (RBM), change management, strategic planning and communication. 

We provide services throughout the M&E process including:

  • Training in RBM, Outcome mapping, theory of change, LFA
  • Facilitation of workshops and seminars
  • Strategic planning (including defining objectives, outcomes and outputs, indicators- both quantitative and qualitative)
  • Development of monitoring and evaluation frameworks and plans
  • Baseline studies
  • Coaching arrangements to develop capacities of individuals and organisations
  • Long-term monitoring assignments of larger programmes and initiatives