At NIRAS Indevelop we are continously developing our evaluation approaches from emerging experiences, research and lessons learned. We believe that evaluations provide an excellent opportunity to learn and reflect about programs, interventions and initiatives and not only answer if we are doing things right but also if we are doing the right thing. We undertake high quality evaluations, studies and reviews and comply with internationally accepted standars and quality criteria such as the OECD/DAC evaluation criteria.

Our commitment to delivering high quality evaluation services requires effective quality assurance mechanisms. For this we have developed and apply a quality assurance system that is characterized by competence and commitment. We ensure that each assignment is carried out by highly competent people who are dedicated, motivated and deliver as agreed. We apply active learning to ensure continuous improvement of our assignments.

Our key objectives in our evaluations and reviews are to raise awareness of the importance of high quality evaluations and critical reflections on results and actively strengthen the capacity of our clients and their partners

We believe that evaluations can be an important tool to promote accountability to the people whose lives are meant to be improved through international development cooperation as well as to donor agencies and tax payers.

We have extensive experience from integrating rights-based approach in evaluation processes and gender equality aspects. All of our evaluations have a strong utilisation focus where we see that it is imperative that new knowledge from evaluations is transparently and appropriately communicated to enable both donors and partners to apply learning and enhance evidence based decision-making.