Institutional & Policy Development

NIRAS Indevelop provides institutional and policy development support services. We work with central and local governments, civil society actors, think tanks, academia and private sector actors to support processes for organisational and institutional development.

We recognise that for institutional change to be sustainable over time, it is important to take the broader environment into account. Institutional development is about changing practices, improving organisational performance and the ability to adapt to changing conditions in context where the intervention is being implemented.

Our work with public sector development projects comprise carefully tailored institutional development components. Good governance is intrinsic to effective public management and service delivery.

By promoting good governance and by positioning institutional and organisational development at the forefront of our sector programs, we maximize the effectiveness of our interventions and sustain outcomes in the capable hands of our partners. We support actors in policy development processes, working both with duty bearers that have the responsibility for policy development, as well as right holders in policy engagement and policy influencing processes.

We subscribe to a holistic capacity development framework, which links human resource management and development at an individual level with broader organisational and institutional development schemes across sectors.