Capacity Development

Capacity development is a fundamental component in most development cooperation interventions. At NIRAS Indevelop, we recognise capacity development as consisting of a range of dimensions; from the knowledge of the individual to that of entire organisations and the institutional environment.

Capacity development is about change in one way or the other. A change in practices, behaviour or attitudes as a result of increased knowledge, skills or changes in formal or informal rules or norms.

At NIRAS Indevelop, we apply no standard approaches, tools or methods to capacity development. Our approach is always based on an analysis of existing structures and efforts as well as capacity needs and demands.

Our work related to capacity development is integrated in most of the assignments we undertake, with the focus to develop capacities of individuals, organisations and institutions we collaborate with. We also undertake specific capacity development initiatives such as long-term Training Programmes, University training courses, e-learning courses, seminars and workshops.