Climate Smart Agricultural Production & Extension

We recognise agriculture's role in creating inclusive and green growth in particular through improving the efficiency of resource use, reducing environmental impact, focusing on the ecosystem, and encouraging R&D and technologies to improve resource use productivity.

The agriculture sector is facing a major challenge in producing enough for everyone in a sustainable way. Green-house gas emissions from agriculture are expected to grow 50 percent by 2050, if we increase the production by using the same practices as we use today. Climate changes will have severe effect on the arable land and eventually lead to less food production in exposed regions. By promoting Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), NIRAS is working to stimulate an agricultural production that ensures increased productivity, increased resilience to Climate Changes (adaptation), reduced or removed green-house gas, diversified nutrition, increased farm income and/or reduced risk, and enhanced achievement of national food security and development goals. As small holder farmers produce up to 75% of all the food, NIRAS aims to ensure their interests by minimizing the risks and ensuring that small holder farmers feel comfortable in  adopting the introduced Technologies.