Agri-business & Value Chains

We believe that in order to develop viable and sustainable markets for farm products, business has to be profitable for all partners in the value chain: input deliverers, farmers, intermediaries, processors, wholesalers and retailers.

NIRAS is a leading supplier of services related to private sector development particularly within the agricultural and agribusiness sectors. We believe that agribusiness  has the potential for driving economic growth and development by turning farming into a business instead of merely a way of living. Working with private sector led development of the agricultural sector through a value chain approach provides means to develop interventions that simultaneously impact multiple actors e.g. input supplier/agro-dealers, producers, processors, transport companies, retailers, government regulatory bodies and consumers. Thereby levering impact from individual entities to system level. The objective is to ensure growth by enhancing the linkages and understanding between the various actors, together overcome key constraints/bottlenecks to increase value addition and job creating activities throughout the value chain.