External Evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative Phase 2

NIRAS Indevelop has delivered the first interim report of the external evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative, implemented by IDRC.

In June 2016 the first interim evaluation report was approved by the evaluation committee and is now available for download here.

The first Interim Report of the Evaluation of Phase Two of the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) presents initial findings and possible lessons sixteen months after the launch of the Evaluation. The Report marks a first major milestone in the Evaluation, which is investigating the relationship between the provision of TTI support and strengthening of think tanks, as well as the relationship between strong think tanks and changes in social and economic policy.

This report describes TTI's progress thus far and presents a baseline for further analysis during Phase Two. The evaluation team looks forward to engaging further with both the think tanks that have received support from TTI and the wider think tank community in the continuing evaluation process.

The inception report was approved in July 2015 by the evaluation committee and can be downloaded as a full version here.