Supporting the Kosovo Agency for Gender Equality

NIRAS Indevelop is implementing a four year project (starting June 2016) in Kosovo to provide technical advice and support to the Kosovo Agency for Gender Equality (AGE).

The AGE is situated in the Office of the Prime Minister and is mandated to oversee the implementation of Kosovo’s gender equality legislation and support the government in gender mainstreaming its legislation and policies.

The aim of the Project is to support the AGE in its efforts to:

  • strengthen its capacity to participate in and report on governmental decisions that impact gender equality
  • further establish its network of governmental and non-governmental entities engaged with gender equality work
  • strengthen its outreach to CSOs and institutions
  • improve its visibility and further develop its communication platform

Picture taken in Prizren, Kosovo, in September 2016 during the Project's strategic development meeting. Representatives from the AGE and line ministries participated, in addition to municipal Gender Focal Points.

The NIRAS Team Leader for the project is Blerinda Idrizi

The Project Director is Christina Davis