Reunion in Uganda

From April 24 to May 5, the participants of the first International Training Program on Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation – Integrated Processes (SUWAS 2016), met in the Ugandan capital Kampala. The group included participants from the following countries; Myanmar, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

During the two weeks, participants engaged in rich discussions, enjoyed lectures and undertook practical field visits and group work on specific projects. The two-weeks in Kampala exposed participants to new knowledge in relation to the provision of equitable and sustainable urban water and sanitation services, some challenges as well as to some new innovate solutions and practices. All participants contributed with their expertise and knowledge, as well as shared with the group issues pertaining to their respective national context and organization or institution. The time in Uganda constituted phase 4 in the training program. As participants left Uganda, the fifth and final phase of the program started. In the final phase, each participant is to focus on the implementation of specific change projects within his or her organization or institution. The training program ends in October with national seminars in each of the five countries.

The International Training Program on Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation is implemented by NIRAS Indevelop in partnership with WaterAid. During 2017, we will run four of these programs, two focusing on Africa (SUWAS 2017A and SUWAS 2017B) and two aiming for Asia (SUWAS 2017C and SUWAS 2017D). For more information about these upcoming programs, please see; ITP on Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation-Integrated Processes