NIRAS Development Consulting team retreat

In beginning of September 2016, more than 180 staff working with NIRAS International Development Consulting met in Denmark to further explore how to work more efficiently as 'one', drawing upon the full strength and capability of the organisation.

The NIRAS organisation, with more than 200 staff based in 8 main offices and 16 local offices, provides an enormous potential to share knowledge, ideas and advise. There are also challenges related to working in such a broad organisation, one being the challenge of not meeting your colleagues physically. Therefore, the need to meet in person with some regularity is important.

'We believe the main objective, building a one NIC spirit was close to 100% successful, if not before, the spirit was born at the dance floor Saturday night when NIC not only dominated the dance floor both in numbers but also in the quality of the “moves”', says Tor Lundström, Head of Niras International Development Consulting.