Master Plan for Development of the Water Resources Infrastructures in Mauritius

This assignment focused on the development of a Water Resources Master Plan for Mauritius. It was intended to serve as a “road map” for the further development of Mauritius’ water Resources.

The plan focuses on sound management of scarce water resources, a reliable potable water supply on a 24 hour basis, and the allocation of an adequate supply of irrigation water to the agriculture sector in order to ensure its sustainability. Three rather different water aspects are addressed, although all constituting important building blocks towards the creation of a supportive environment for sound water management in Mauritius.

- Water resources development, including preparation of pre-feasibility studies for new multi-purpose water infrastructure (dams, storage facilities, conveyance canals etc) as required, and formulation of a Strategic Investment Plan.

- Rationalisation of water rights and allocation procedures, including outline of a new legislative framework.

- Institutional analysis and recommendations for an organisational restructuring, including institutional capacity building, for effective water resources management.

The assignment also provided for an in-depth assessment of the existing water quality testing (laboratory) facilities and proposed measures for strengthening these services aimed at obtaining international accreditation of Mauritius national water laboratory.