Sida Framework Agreement for Gender Equality 2015-2017

NIRAS Indevelop currently manage a framework agreement for the Swedish International development agency in the thematic area for gender equality (2015/02- 2017/02).

The purpose of the Framework Agreement is to provide a range of expertise that Sida can draw on for support to Sida’s project and programs. The Framework Agreement also provides inputs to Sida’s strategy and policy processes as well as capacity development. This Framework Agreement covers the thematic main and sub-areas listed below:

Women’s economic empowerment and working conditions. The sub-area concerns promotion of women’s economic empowerment (WEE) as the process that enables women to make strategic life choices. WEE can only be achieved through equal access to and control over critical economic resources and opportunities, and the elimination of structural gender inequalities in the labour market, including better sharing of paid and unpaid work between men and women, challenging and eliminating the norms and practices that limit both women and men in their daily lives. It includes discrimination and segregated labour market, unpaid care work, employment and decent work, agriculture production and natural resources management, land rights, financial services and trade.

  • Women’s political participation and influence
  • SRHR and education
  • Women’s security including gender based violence, trafficking in human beings
  • Men and boys

Sida, Swedish Embassies and sections for development cooperation are entitled to place service orders (Call-offs) under this framework agreement. Example of assignments under the Framework: a Gender Analysis of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area agreements with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine; and a ‘Gender Tool Box: Thematic Overview on Women’s Political Participation, Empowerment and Influence’.