Secretariat to Support Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law NGOs operation in Palestine

NIRAS together with the Institute of Law, Birzeit University in Palestine, manages the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat in Palestine. The Secretariat is supported by the governments of Sweden (lead donor), Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway (since 2016).

The Secretariat is established to provide core budget support to CSOs in the oPt and Israel as a main function of the Secretariat. Further, the Secretariat provides short-term and limited project funding to CSOs to support new Palestinian and Israeli organisations or initiatives that will further HR and IHL situation and ensure that the situation in the oPt remains dynamic with relevant actors/programmes for change. A component of policy dialogues also included in the Programme aiming at facilitating dialogue and networking between the organisations, the donors and other stakeholders in the Palestinian society. As a cross cutting theme, the Programme will focus throughout all its activities on developing the capacity of CSOs whether directly or indirectly throughout the Programme using different methods and approaches including in-house mentoring and training, sharing lessons learned, monitoring trends.

The overall objective of the Secretariat is to contribute to the effective realisation of and adherence to human rights and international humanitarian law in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and to influence the behaviour of the relevant duty bearers, including Israel, the Palestinian Authority including the governing bodies/authorities in Gaza. The Programme primarily works through civil society organisation in Palestine and Israel (CSO).

The assignment has four objectives:

1. A HR/IHL Secretariat is institutionalised CSO environment and considered a key player and resourceful partner in the promotion HR and IHL issues in the oPt

2. An effective fund for the promotion of HR and IHL issues in oPt, which is transparent, reduces corruption and duplication.

3. Strengthened CSO environment in the HR/IHL sector through institutional development, internal efficiency, effective participation in democratic processes and improved performance

4. The secretariat makes meaningful contributions to policy development in the sector through evidence based measures and effective IMS against the monitoring of services, and participates actively in the policy dialogue with donors and other sector stakeholders.