Gender Responsive Budgeting in Ukraine 2014-2019

NIRAS Indevelop is implementing a 5 year project (starting January 2014) in Ukraine aiming at Introducing Gender Responsive Budgeting processes at national and regional levels. NIRAS Indevelop work together with CPM Latvia and Niras Ukraine to provide seven permanent advisors to work at Ministry of Finance.

The objective of the GRB project is to strengthen budget policy outcomes by adding gender and social dimensions as an analytical category, contributing directly to the reform of public finance management in Ukraine. The project aims at enhancing the capacity of the Ministry of Finance, selected line ministries, and oblast/city administrations to lead GRB work and improve understanding and interest in GRB introduction at all levels of government. The main expected project outcomes are:

-          Selected line ministries introduce GRB in the budget process at the state level

-          GRB introduced in the budget process at the level of oblasts

-          Ministry of Finance applies GRB at the State and oblast level

-          Relevant actors actively participate and support the GRB process.

The NIRAS Team Leader for the project is Maja Bosnic

The Project Director is Catharina Schmitz

See more at the project website

The project is getting more and more publicity in Ukraine. See the  news report from local TV. 

Here you can also find Newsletters from the GRB Project: