External Evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative Phase 2

NIRAS Indevelop is contracted by the International Research Development Centre (IDRC) to undertake the external evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative phase 2. The evaluation is a global initiative with a team of five senior evaluators, working in the Latin American, West African, East African and South Asian region.

The evaluation is carried out simultaneously with the program itself over four years, 2015-2019. It tracks progress and contributes useful findings and suggestions to the overall program and its individual grantees. The evaluation provides independent, periodic, timely and actionable feedback to allow for the adaptive management of TTI, as well as providing rigorously documented and validated learning about the program. Interim findings and evaluation outputs are meant to be positioned in such a way as to feed into organisational learning activities linked to key TTI events and decision moments. The overall aim of the evaluation is to investigate the relationship between provision of programme support and strengthening of think tanks, as well as the relationship between strong think tanks and changes in social and economic policy. The key objectives of the evaluation are to measure and describe change in terms of outcomes and impact of the Think Tank Initiative, assess Implementation and generate learning.