Sida Framework Agreement for Education and Skills 2014-2017

NIRAS Indevelop is the sole service provider under this single source framework agreement

This framework gives Sida possibility to call off assignments in the field of education and skills development for a volume of up to 250 000 USD per call off; there is no limit to the total value of the framework. The framework has only been concluded with one contract – NIRAS Sweden AB – which gives NIRAS Sweden AB the status of a dialogue partner with Sida in its development of initiatives in the field of education and skills development.

Specific emphasis is put on education and skills development, including strategies to promote girls’ education, education for sustainable development (ESD), capacity building, democracy, human rights based approaches, inclusive education, equality and equity issues. About one third of Sida's overall support to education and skills development is allocated to education initiatives that have improved gender equality as their main purpose.

NIRAS Sweden AB takes regular part in the Sida internal network for education and skills development, provides Sida with studies and papers on specific aspects of education and skills development, undertakes assignments to prepare, carry out, assess, monitor and evaluate Sida-funded initiatives in the education and skills development field, and contributes to the policy discussions of Sida for further development of the support to the education and skills development sector.

The framework agreement covers the following areas: 

  • Education
  • Skills development and employment; suitable for Sidas areas of education and private sector development; 
  • project formulations and appraisals
  • Reviews and evaluations
  • Programme implementation support