Myanmar, Comprehensive Education Sector Review (CESR) Unicef (2013 –2016)

Niras Indevelop is supporting the government of Myanmar in the implementation of the comprehensive Education Sector Review with the objective of  ensuring that Myanmar’s education system promotes a ‘learning society capable of facing the challenges of the Knowledge Age’, and that it helps to build ‘a modern developed nation through education’ (MoE vision and motto).

The services provided have included:

  • Overall technical and strategic advice to the CESR teams on implementation of the CESR components on ECD, Basic Education, Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and Teacher Educati
  • Support to planning, coordination, and monitoring of the different education system components and their sub-components.
  • Capacity building and technical support to the technical teams, in collaboration with relevant development partners and other technical advisors, to assist  in carrying  out in-depth analysis in various areas of the education sector
  • Advice on best practices and international experiences that would support the implementation of the CESR components and its sub-areas.