International Training Programme SUWAS

This assignment is about planning and implementing an International Training Programme on integrated processes for Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation (SUWAS) on behalf of Sida.

The aim is to create awareness, knowledge and initiate change processes to promote integrated approaches for planning and implementation of urban water and sanitation. The participants are individuals with a mandate and capacity to drive change processes within their respective organisation.

The programme has a strong participatory approach where the experiences and expertise of every participant is integrated into the training. It includes a diversity of tools and methods adapted for adult learning of complex subject matters. Each programme lasts for 15 months, including a total of 5 weeks in Sweden and in one of the participating countries. 

Through capacity development and the creation of networks, the participant will reformulate or develop new policies, regulations and/or new methods, working approaches and tools. At the end of a programme each participant shall have increased knowledge about the benefits of integrated approaches to planning/implementation of urban water and sanitation; have more knowledge about the variety of tools, principles and methods for planning/implementation of sustainable urban water and sanitation systems; a better knowledge and confidence to conduct organisational and institutional change; and access to an extended international and national network.

The programme is implemented in cooperation with WaterAid.