International Training Programme on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

The SEA programmes are divided into five phases, stretching over a period of 16 months. The first programme started in November 2012 and the last one will finish in 2019. The long term objective is to strengthen national SEA systems in the participants' countries.

The overall aim of the SEA training programmes is to support organisational capacity of key agencies and organisations with mandate to integrate environment and sustainability aspects into planning and decision-making.

For each programme 25-30 professionals participate, representing countries from Africa and Asia. Several national environmental authorities are represented, as well as a range of sector agencies and organisations.

The programme emphasizes SEA as a consultative process and is based on an action learning approach, by which the expereinces and expertise of each participant is integrated into the training and by which participants are constantly linking the learning back to their own work and mandates. 

Throughout the five phases of the training, each participant develops a so-called SEA project within her/his organisation. For this task, participants are provided individual mentor support and advise, in-person and electronically. The SEA Project is at the core of the capacity development methodology.