Walter del Castillo

Project Manager/
Senior Consultant
+46 (0)70 8681145

Walter has an academic background in Business Administration - Finance and Agricultural Science and over 10 years of professional experience and competences in international project management and consulting. Main technical areas of expertise are: natural resource management, tropical agriculture, investment in sustainable technological innovation, value chain development, adaptation-mitigation to climate change, and fund management mechanisms. Work experience as an Marketing Officer, Researcher, Consultant, Team Leader, Project Manager and Country Representative. Skills developed through these roles include leadership, management, project cycle management, procurement, negotiation, contracting, risk mitigation, quality assurance and coordination - cooperation with various stakeholders (private sector, donors, ministries, subcontractors). Also, specialist knowledge in technological innovation-adoption, agroforestry, market development, public-private partnerships, fund management (project funding criteria and monitoring), and monitoring and evaluation of international development projects. Last but not least, he has experience in business development, results-based programming and performance management strategic Tools.

Key qualifications:

  • Natural Resources Management – Tropical agriculture
  • Market Development and Agribusiness
  • Design, launch, administration of project and funds

Walter is fluent in English, Swedish and Spanish.