Santiago Espinal

Project Manager/Consultant
+46 (0)8 588 31822
+46 (0)73 684 6377

Santiago has an academic background in Economics and Political science and a Masters in International development, specializing in Planning. He has 15 years of experience in agriculture development and rural financial inclusion, including value chain, agribusiness strengthening and funding. Santiago has specific experience identifying, assessing and supporting the implementation of management, commercial and financial solutions for a wide range of financial institutions (banks, sacco´s, MFI´s) and agribusinesses. He´s also been involved in agricultural policy analysis, evaluation and implementation.

As project manager he has practical experience in comprehensive rural development and food security with the FAO in Colombia and the Andean region (2004-2007) and, more recently (2008-2016), in financial inclusion and agricultural finance projects for private funds, such as Planet Finance (France) and Oikocredit (Netherlands) in several South American and African countries. Amongst those interventions: different National financial inclusion programs in South America supported by the private sector, international cooperation and national development banks (Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru); and the National programme for financial inclusion (PASMIF-MAP) in the Democratic Republic of Congo from UNCDF-UNDP.

As portfolio investment manager Santiago has been in charge of the design, evaluation and funding operations of several projects in microfinance, agribusiness financing and access to energy (on and off-grid) for rural communities and small farmers.

Key qualifications:

  • Micro and SME finance
  • Financial inclusion and access to market policy design and implementation
  • Market development and agribusiness
  • Project design, management and evaluation
  • Investment appraisal, evaluation and operation management

Santiago is fluent in English, French and Spanish, and getting familiar with Swedish.