Nora Kokanova

Project Manager / Senior Consultant Gender Equality
+46 (0)70 4472400

Nora holds a MSc in Political Science and Government and specialises in gender mainstreaming and organisational development. She guides clients through change management processes that aim at transforming the organization for improved gender equality results. She is a gender audit facilitator by training and has introduced accountability measures such as gender indicators, budget tracking and performance appraisals and led gender assessments, audits and score cards.

Nora has led women and youth economic empowerment projects addressing unequal access to and control of resources such as financing, training and land. She has facilitated policy formulation processes that promote gender justice, often through multi-stakeholder structures such as sector wide working groups and donor coordination mechanisms.

Nora has undertaken various global, country specific and thematic studies and is well versed with research theory and methodology.

Key qualifications:

  1. Gender mainstreaming and organisational change
  2. Planning, coordination and implementation of gender equality policy and programs
  3. Women’s economic empowerment

Nora speaks fluent Swedish and English and intermediate Spanish.