Joakim Anger

Senior Consultant
+46 (0)70 751 71 39

Joakim holds a Master of Social Science (public administration) and has  worked as a consultant within the field of development cooperation since the early 1990s. Joakim has participated as team leader and team member in strategy and methodology development and reviews/evaluation on various issues including democracy, human rights, anti-corruption, local governance and decentralisation.

He has several years of experience in designing and implementing practically oriented training programmes for change agents in public, private and civil society sector both in Sweden and in developing countries. He has also for more than 10 years been affiliated with Lund University where he has been a head teacher Master's in International Development and Management (LUMID) .

Joakim has experience working in more than 30 countries in Southern and Eastern Africa, the Middle East, and Central America.

Key qualifications:

  • Results Based Management (and managing for results) issues including strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, performance audit, elaborating indicators, results analysis including e.g. power analysis and stakeholder analysis, as well as risk analysis
  • Aid effectiveness agenda, e.g. concepts and roles and responsibilities of key actors.
  • Organisational assessment and reviews of NGOs, network and umbrella organisations within different sectors of development co-operation and institutional analyses of government agencies.
  • Strategy and methodology development (strategic management) within different sectors using instruments/methods such as Logical Framewlork Aapproach and Outcome Mapping, (context and stakeholders analysis, problem analysis etc)
  • Elaborating training programs and lecturing within the field of development cooperation management and project cycle management, including aid effectiveness and results based management. 
  • Experience of working with the following sectors; democracy, peace and security and human rights, interethnic relations, governance including decentralisation and anti-corruption issue.

Joakim is fluent in English and Swedish and proficient Spanish as a working language.