Ella Lundström

Junior Consultant
+ 381 64 64 807 07; + 26 (0)96 099 6067; +46 737 193521

Agronomist specialized in Agricultural Value Chains, M4P, Farmer Cooperatives, Public Private Partnerships, Food Safety, Sustainable Forest Management. (SFM), Climate Change, Community Driven Development (CBE), Rural Development. Previous work experience includes agribusiness and agroforestry in Sudan, Guatemala, Kenya and Zambia, among others.

My main areas of interest are to support small scale farmers and rural livelihoods. I find that this can be done by 1) making farmers come together and strengthen their capacities; 2) Linking farmers to markets and support productive partnerships; support knowledge exchange and increased trust – both horizontally and vertically throughout the Value Chains and; 4) allowing support systems and infrastructure.

Core competencies/skills:

  • Strategic Cooperative Management
  • Sustainable production, NRM
  • Food Security and Food Safety

Ella is fluent in Swedis, English and Spanish