Living our values: My Dream Now

We are now launching Indevelop's CSR strategy that is a result of a yearlong internal consultation process aimed to make us more strategic in how we take our social responsibility. "It has been a valuable process to get everybody at Indevelop onboard in the discussion on how we can become more proactive in acting for change in our field of work" says Catharina Schmitz, MD. "All of us at Indevelop work in the area of international development cooperation because we want to make a difference somehow, and the CSR strategy has helped us to become more strategic in how we do it" she continues.

"We are committed to move beyond nice words and to really make a change, but it will take some time before we see some of the longer term results. We are for example currently reviewing all of our templates and toolkits that we use in our assignments. These efforts, together with capacity strengthening of ourselves and they consultants we work with, will hopefully lead to that we are better equipped to integrate gender equality aspects in all our work", Catharina concludes.

The CSR strategy rests on Indevelop's core values that are based on the rights based approach where participation, non-discrimination, transparency and accountability are key words and where gender equality is an area where we are very committed to contribute to positive change.

We approach our responsibility work on three levels:

  • Indevelop internally (our corporate governance, our staff, our office)
  • In our assignments (how we carry out our assignments, what assignments we undertake)
  • Our community engagement (how we act for change, promote evidence based debate, undertake pro-bono work and in support of different community engagement and development initiatives).

As part of our community engagement work, Indevelop is since August 2013 cooperating with the social entrepreneur My dream now, where we work with high school classes to increase their opportunities at the labor market. "I think this an excellent opportunity for me to engage with young people and hopefully I can contribute with my experiences" says David Salom who will work as ‘class coach'.