Social Responsibility

NIRAS Indevelop (part of NIRAS International Consulting) is one of Scandinavia’s leading consultancy organisations in international development cooperation. We act for change and more effective aid through our services of providing capacity development, institutional development, project cycle management, fund management and support to policy development.

Building on our organisation’s extensive expertise and learning from working in international development we take each opportunity to contribute to sustainable development in the countries we work. Our organisational and individual responsibilities are built around four commitments:

1 We base our work on a human rights based perspective where non-discrimination, participation, equality, transparency and respect for each other guide our work internally and in all assignments we undertake.
2 We actively work to contribute to gender equality. We believe that inequality among women and men is a key hindrance for a society to develop socially, economically, and in a manner that does not deplete our natural resources.
3We believe that sustainable developmental results can only be achieved if social, economic and environmental considerations are adhered to. Environmental consideration, where we mitigate the impact we have on the environment and use natural resources in a sustainable manner, guide our work internally and in all our assignments.
4We approach our work with commitment, responsibility, and accessibility. We value high quality and professionalism and believe that diversity is an asset in understanding complex social change. We are committed to delivering high quality development services and amore efficient use of development resources, something thatthat we see as contribute to a more equal world with less poverty.